An Ode to the Git Commit


Trivial to perform. Instantaneous to complete. Immensely powerful. Deeply meaningful.

A perfect identifier

Every time you commit, a SHA1 hash is generated. A single character change in your commit generates an entirely different SHA1. Moreso than any other kind of reference, your commit’s hash deeply represents your changes. It’s so much more than just a unique reference - it represents your change because it was generated by your change.

The contents of your changes are only one part of the input to the hash function; a reference to the parent commit is also included. This means that the same diff applied to any other point in the repository’s history generates a different commit hash. In other words, your commit’s hash is not only representative of the contents of your changes, but also of precisely the point in history that they were made.

Cherish those 40 character hexidecimal numbers, for they are the perfect embodiment of your accomplishments.

An indelible mark

Because each commit is inextricably linked to its ancestors, a chain of commits forms a durable tapestry that is passed down unaltered to everyone who interacts with it. In all but the most exceptional of circumstances, you can rest assured that every commit you push to master will live on for the lifetime of the repository.

And each commit is preserved perfectly, in its entirety, ready to be called up at any time. There’s no deterioration, no loss of fidelity over time. Your entry into history is permanent.

What a joy to be able to make such immense historical impact with such quotidian ease! We are creating works that remember themselves and everyone who ever touched them.

A message to the future

As if the above were not enough, we’re given an amazing opportunity with every commit: an invitation to include a message.

The ritual of making a commit includes a moment when the committer is presented with a blank space and asked simply to write. It is customary to describe the changes being made and explain the motivation for making them, but no constraints are imposed on this endeavor.

When this is done thoughtfully, it imbues every commit with a snapshot of the state of mind of the author at the time of authorship.

So honor this incredible opportunity by approaching it with an appreciation of the power of the pen you hold.

Put it together

Imagine a skyscraper where every brick and beam has written on it the name of the person who laid it, and under every name is a message - a window into that mind at that time. Imagine that we could instantly call up this information for any piece of the building with no effort at all.

Picture a city built this way - what a treasure trove of anthropological knowledge! What an incredible asset to our culture!

So here’s the thing

We have this and we use it every day to build our software.